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Bluey inspired ruler to measure your world on Bluey world terms.

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Measure everything in your home with your kids and friends in terms of popular element of the hit TV show Bluey. Want to know how many dollar bucks your favorite stuffed animals are, or which items in your house are as big as a feather wand, or how many Jeremy’s tall you are? This is the tool/toy for you, made by Bluey fans for Bluey fans.


Measuring just under 12″ x 2 with rounded edges, this makes for easy handling by those of all ages. Also features a hole at its end for hanging.


Fun Facts – Episode listed to prevent spoilers

#1 Blue Crab (S01E26)

Seen in the Beach (S01E26), Bluey faces this small crab while walking to find her mother. Seen only for a few seconds, the full name is the Light-blue soldier crab (Mictyris longicarpus), which is native to Australia. Found in muddy areas or tidal flats, like in the episode. They also march forwards insteadof sideways like most crabs. Videos here:

In real life, they measure between 0.5 and 1″

#2 Edamame (S03E17)

– Featured in the Pavlova episode where Mum is trying to prevent Bingo from binging Pavlova and tries to get her to eat heathier, like the Edamame bean. Unique in the way they’re often served, typically eaten while still in the pod/stem, the name in Japanese correlates to “stem bean”. The actual measurement is for the stem/pod, rather than the bean itself. And measures on this stick at about 2″.

#3 Cricket Ball (S03E47)

From the absolutely GOATed episode Cricket, the game is played between the families of Bluey, as the dads all struggle to get Rusty out, but all fail.


The standard cricket ball measures roughly 3″ in diameter

#4 Sunscreen Stick (S01E26)

Also featured in the Beach episode (S01E26), though only briefly appearing, these are the face paint markings on Bluey and Bingo’s faces. Some American households were confused at the sight – myself included – at the perceived purpose of the green/yellow face paint on Bluey and Bingo in the episode.

#5-6 Dollar Bucks (no spoilers)

Both are listed because unlike in the US, in Australia these bills are actually different sizes. 130 x 65mm for the 5 Dollar Bill and 158 x 65mm for the 100 Dollar Bill. This translates to about 5″ to 6″ in length, which marks the halfway points on the ruler. 

#7 Budgie (S01E38)

A serious – more than usual – episode of Bluey where she and her Dad find an injured budgie during their day. Budgies, also known as Budgerigars actually originate from Australia, but has since spread all across the globe as a popular pet. The reason the blue coloring suggests it was an escaped pet is due to the fact blue budgies were selectively bred as pets, and do not occur naturally. They measure roughly 7″ tall.

#8 Magic Asparagus (S01E49)

Measuring between 7 and 10″, asparagus can group up to 10 inches in a single day under optimal conditions.

#9 Feather Wand (S02E03)

Many know that birds have feathers, but some are not aware that dinosaurs also had feathers.

#10 Jeremy (S01E36)

In the episode, in the cuts after Jeremy falls, he is actually pieced back together but this time taped together. Not sure how much time passed between these takes, as he’s in nigh perfect shape now. 







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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in


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