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A Match saver is a small piece of plastic that is mounted to the side of the shotgun just forward of the ejection/chambering port, that is used to quickly load in a round in the case of running out of ammo. Originally designed to be used in competition sporting to literally save a match in the case that someone runs out of ammo with only 1 target remaining, this gives a 2nd chance to complete the round.

With lightning fast operation, one can load a round from the match saver in less than 1 second, effectively increasing the maximum capacity of the blaster by +1. Attaching the side of the blaster with just 2 screws, the match saver is a quick and very cool looking way to keep you in the game. It’s extremely fun to load a shell in this way.

Here’s a video demonstration of a conventional match saver in use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R4zyjseaJc

Note, this requires the side of your blaster to have 2 holes for mounting, if you don’t have these, then you must purchase the new barrel coupler to make this work. Follow this link to purchase the new part.

This requires 6-32 x 0.500″ Flat heads QTY 2 to install.


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