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These are the STLs for converting your regular Spring Thunder into the mini shorty type.

In addition to being 3.200″ shorter than the standard length blaster, making it more suitable for rounding corners, carry and general CQB situations. This conversion kit was made possible by using a newly designed reverse style pump grip, which brings your hands closer together by about 3″ without altering the stroke distance, which leaves your fps and performance unchanged. However, the shorter barrel and magazine tube lowers your magazine capacity by 1 shell, bringing you to a 3+1 capacity. However, equipped with the match saver, you will retain the same 5 round capacity as the standard Spring Thunder.

Currently only the STLs are offered for this, but I will offer hardware and 3D printed kits if there is a demand. This will be the first of many Spring Thunder cosmetic and functional variants to come.

To install, the PVC, magazine spring, and long threaded rods (upper 2) on your existing Spring Thunder must be cut down by 3.200″ to fit the new files.

The download comes with the modified single print upper frame and reverse pump pieces located inside the zip file.

The upper portion of the Spring Thunder has its picatinny mounting holes shifted to be aligned with the shortened blaster. Don’t use your existing kit or you will loose your spacing. The hardest part of making this mini kit work was honestly making the reversed pump grip. You will need to sand down the piece that comes in contact with the pump grip, or else your ears will suffer the terrible plastic grinding sounds with each pump action.

* Note: this is a downloadable file for converting your existing Spring Thunder into the Spring Thunder mini and contains no additional files for building the base blaster. Those files can be found for free on the thingiverse page under the same name *


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