Shellington Labs manufactures 3D printed foam dart blasters and accessories and was founded in 2018 by Harrison Lu. Our mission is to create fun experiences for our customers by emulating gadgets and tools from our favorite video games and movies.
We love to test our products at events and rely on years of hands-on experience and customer feedback to drive the development of current and future creations. We also reinvest our earnings back into the company, constantly upgrading or adding additional equipment or crew members to help increase efficiency and decrease order fulfillment times.
Harrison is an RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has been passionate about innovation and design from an early age and spent some time as a professional engineer before launching Shellington Labs in 2018.
He embraces his title as a Nerd and feels it’s a small price to pay for making awesome toys and gadgets. He invests all of his time and resources into the development of Shellington Labs, even going so far as to convert his entire home into a headquarters for the rapidly growing company. Harrison is committed to providing the best possible experience for his customers while ensuring that Shellington Labs is a safe and enjoyable workplace for his growing team. We’re currently a team of 5, with Harrison in charge of day-to-day operations and an additional staff member responsible for each blaster platform. 

Harrison Lu

Founder & Designer

Intersted In Collaborating?
We are proud to answer the call of foam dart blasters, and do so with a smile and an odd sense of humor. While most people are sleeping, we’re most likely refining a 3D CAD file or designing a brand new product line from scratch. From our work on the Spring Thunder to the Flypoint to the Wingchester, we’re always looking for fun new projects to push the envelope and welcome new collaborations. If you’re interested in partnering with us on a project, please email your proposal to and we’ll follow up if it seems like a good fit.