Flypoint – Pistol Platform

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Our performance blowback nerf pistol with shell ejecting and other ASMR actions.


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The Flypoint features a mechanically driven delayed blowback mechanism used to cycle through shell encased half length darts, famously yeeting ejected shells 4 to 6 feet away from the user. Darts are propelled by a single stage FTW system firing at roughly 90fps on a 2S Lipo battery using an XT60 connector. Out of Dart’s 2S graphene battery fits nice:

The ideal darts for this platform are the red worker gen3 38mm darts, but Sweet orange 35mm darts and everything in between should also work. Darts that are too short may fail to fire, and darts with hard tips may jam and damage the blaster. Additional magazines and shells can also be selected here. I recommend at least 2 magazines and 30 shells.

Batteries not included


Please review common battery safety guidelines. We are not responsible for any harm you inflict to yourself or others with this blaster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does this work with extended magazines?

Yes, though the extended magazines are not as reliable as the standard 7 round magazines that come with the blaster.

Is this compatible with the Kirin?

Yes, the Kirin’s injection molded magazines are compatible with the Flypoint. Although you’ll need a modified follower piece for the slide lock function to work.

The new injection molded shells are however 100% compatible, they are very nice. Smoother operation and loading than the printed shells. We will be converting all shells to injection molded over time as production picks up.

Do these shells work with other blasters?

Yes, the Flypoint uses our own half length shells which also work in the Wrenfield bolt action, Wingchester Lever action and the upcoming MP5 machine gun.

Is this using the same shells as the Spring Thunder?

No, the Spring Thunder uses the larger Spring Thunder shotgun shells. These shells are only large enough to contain and fire half length darts.

Can I use this without darts or batteries

Yes, the blowback and shell ejecting action all works without batteries. The batteries are only needed if you want to actually fire any darts from the blaster. Everything else, including the fun ASMR actions are all possible with no batteries or loaded darts. You’ll want to make sure that your shells are not loaded with darts if you don’t have a battery installed. Or else the blaster will jam up without its battery in use.

Was this inspired by Fall Out's 10mm?

We get this comment a lot, I’d actually never played the Fall out games before making this blaster, and still haven’t played it. But I am now familiar with how the gun from Fall out looks now. It is certainly uncanningly similar. However, looking around, I think the KAP 45 from Black Ops 4 looks the most like our design, but again this was entirely unintentional. As I have not played that game prior to this blaster’s design either, and also still haven’t played it.

Kap 45 from Call of Duty: Black Ops

10mm from Fall Out


We made a tutorial


Flypoint Gameplay



Updates Log

February 2nd, 2023

Flypoints now ship much quicker at less than 3 weeks after ordering. We have a lot of stock, so these blasters will be sometimes shipping the same week. Have fun!


Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 6 in

What batteries does this take?
– I recommend a 450mah 2S Lipo battery using either an XT30 or XT60 battery connector. We will be adding these batteries to the shop in the future to help streamline this process for you guys. In the meantime, you can get these batteries at Amazon and local hobby stores.

5 reviews for Flypoint – Pistol Platform

  1. Ed

    awesome blaster! great quality total blast!

  2. Sky

    The flypoint is an interesting blaster. However from watching reviews on youtube, and it being hyped up, the quality to me is a miss. Otherwise it is extremely fun to use though very limited use due to fear of it just breaking from normal use. Communication with seller is next to abysmal. I had to send 5 messages that took days to a week to be responded to, and as well as an email from his personal store website to get any attention from questions regarding purchase. I have also tried to join his recommend facebook group for help but request never went through. Poorly handled communication when you are selling goods. I understand your green and new, but still unexcuseable to have paying customers waiting days to weeks for word back on their purchases. I love what you do, but I hope for improvement in regards to everything.

  3. Jay W

    Shipping can take its time, but it was certainly worth the wait. Works like a charm once everything’s connected and ready to go!

  4. Luke

    Awesome blaster , good range looks cool

  5. Harrison Lu

    The flypoint is a true masterpiece. A real work of art. I really appreciate the craftsmanship & ingenuity that went into making this. You gained yourself a loyal customer for life. Oolong forward to continuing business with you. Thanks a lot bro.

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