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The Wingchester Levergun is a collaborated design with Heath Heil to serve the need for a lever action cowboy repeater rifle while delivering medium to long range performance. More information below.


Stock Power (150fps)
Low Power (85fps)
Upper Rails (+$10.00)
Handguard Rails (+$5.00)
Barrel Extension (Short) (+$3.00)
Barrel Extension (Long) (+$5.00)
5 Shell Butt Stock Holder (+$12.00)
Red Dot Sight (+$25.00)
Product total
Options total
Grand total
LEAD TIME: Blaster Will Ship 10-12 Weeks After Placing Order.


Because of the absence of locks in this build, it is key that you understand how to properly operate and de-prime the blaster to avoid injury. The primary rule of thumb/finger is to never grab the handle when the priming lever is in its opened position. Please watch the tutorial embedded below in this description. We are not responsible for any harm you inflict to yourself or others with this blaster.

*** Blaster Description ***
The Wingchester is a shell ejection lever-action air-powered blaster developed with Heath Heil from MHP Arms. The lever controls the shell cycling while priming the power spring inside, and fires half-length and 0.50cal foam projectiles. Coming standard with a 7+1 tube magazine, this blaster is reloaded from the side port of the blaster and fires over 120fps.

*** Package Contents ***
– 1 Wingchester Levergun
– 10 Flypoint Shells

Levergun Playlist

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 6 × 4 in
Lever Type

Curved, Straight


Black & White, Black & Red, Black & Orange, Black & Green

5 reviews for Wingchester – Levergun Platform

  1. garcia6248 (verified owner)

    just order my Wingchester from shellingtonlabs and this my first purchase and this Blaster is so much fun to use. Yes it does takes about 3 months to complete but is well worth the wait having so much fun shooting darts and the shell ejection is great. I already order the extra accessories to go with it from shellingtonlabs.

  2. spencer.blackwell (verified owner)

    I ordered this for a Wild West-themed HvZ, and I was not disappointed. The accuracy and velocity exceeded my expectations and the shell-ejecting action is one of the coolest experiences I’ve had firing a blaster. The print quality is exceptional and the injection molded shells make for very few malfunctions. Perfect blaster for target/precision shots, I highly recommend it for either just plinking or for some sort of Western loadout.

    Shellington also worked with my slightly accelerated delivery date and got my blaster shipped to me before my requested date. Overall a great customer experience and recommend buying from them for anybody still on the fence.

  3. ayrton hayes (verified owner)

    I’ve had this thing for around half a year and have run somewhere near 500 rounds through it. I’m thoroughly impressed by its quality and preformance, and have used it in a few nerf wars, but have a minor complaint; in the front barrel housing, on the faux n-lock, one of the screws broke with the threading still inside of the plastic while attempting to disassemble it. It’s a screw issue, but it’s not something that impedes my opinion on the blaster. Overall, i’m satisfied and it was a great buy. Will most definetly be checking out their other products in the future.

  4. TY

    The Wingchester was the first blaster I purchased from Shellington and my first experience with shell ejection, and was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I do. The quality is far higher than I expected and you feel like a complete BAMF raking out the shells after delivering accurate darts at 175fps.
    I have been so pleased with this purchase that I had to pick up the bolt action, which is incredible as well!

  5. AL

    “I ordered a Wingchester Leverblaster, and I love it. Its wonderful, the lever action is very smooth and it hits superstock standards. I dont have a chrono, but it feels on the same level as DZPro blasters. I havnt got a chance to bring it to a war, but so far im quite impressed.

    Ive ordered from shellington before, the Spring Thunder was an amazing platform. Ive had small things break, like the shell ejector part on the S.T., but fixing it was easy for someone who has modded blasters before. My Spring Thunder is still in working order even like 3 years later (with some minor repairs on my behalf)
    Im quite impressed with GDop so far!”

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