Kirin – Bolt Action Blaster – First Injection Molded

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High performance injection molded bolt action with shell ejecting goodness. 

(teal/orange has been discontinued until further notice)


Available on backorder

Clear (Limited Edition)
Pink Walcom (+$10.00)
Pink Variants come with special pink extended barrel, keychains and stickers.
Smoke (+...)
Clear (+...)
Orange (+...)
Smoke (+...)
Clear (+...)
Orange (+...)
Red Dot Sight (+$25.00)
SCAR Accuracy Booster (Frantz) (+$20.00)
2 point elastic sling (with mounts) (+$15.00)
Safety Glasses (+$2.50)
Dual Mag Pouch - Molle (+$15.00)
10g Lube Tube (+$2.50)
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Grand total
Backorders have an extended 2 week lead time


Product Description:
The Kirin is a bolt-action blaster that features ejecting shells, detachable magazines, and ambidextrous options. Co-designed with Heath Heil, this is currently the most powerful and competitive blaster we have available. This is huge milestone for us, as it’s the first blaster we’ve elevated into an injection molded design with the company Phantom Tech. This is the current US based branch, with other distributors available in other countries and regions soon.

Additional Specs & Information:
This blaster shoots between 140fps and 250fps using the 3 available springs, and uses a 7 round detachable magazine that can be removed with a button/lever-styled hybrid magazine release. The blaster’s dominant hand operation can also be easily swapped with just the 3 takedown pins, from right handed operation to left-handed operation. In the event of a shell jam, the blaster can be cleared easily by removing the magazine and cycling its action; conventional dart jams are nearly impossible with this style of blaster.

The base configuration comes packed with the following items:
– 1 Kirin Bolt Action Blaster
– 2 Standard Capacity Magazines
– 20 Shells
– 20 Half length darts
– Low, Medium and High Power springs (not the same as the 300fps high power spring)
– Replacement Parts baggie


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does this come with all 3 power springs?

Yes, the package comes with all 3 levels of power springs. Make sure to only install one spring at a time for the blaster to function.

Is this 3D printed?

No, this is injection molded. The first of its kind for our team, and we’re very happy with the overall quality. There are no traditional concerns with leaving the blaster in the hot sun, or chip damage from drops and falls like typical 3D printed blasters. And it’s much lighter.

Does the SCAR replace the muzzle piece?

Yes, the SCAR requires bare barrel to be exposed to be attached to. Thus, you won’t be able to attach both the muzzle piece and the SCAR at the same time. There is however an exception in the case that you have the extended barrel installed, but honestly, having both the SCAR and the muzzle piece installed at the same time looks pretty weird. But it does work.

How does the extended barrel work?

The barrels are detachable via a long screw thread. Just twist the barrel off in order to attach the new extended barrel by twisting it back on the same way.

Are there any differences between the colors?

Between the Gray/white and the Teal/Orange, there are no functional differences. The Pink Walcom variation does however come with additional parts such as an extended barrel, stickers and keychains. However, even the pink walcom variations has the same basic functions as far as the blasting goes.

Can I use the injection molded shells with other shellington blasters?

Yes, they’re very similar, though the injection molded shells don’t work as well with the Flypoint platform.

Any other reviews for this?

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Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 5 in

7 reviews for Kirin – Bolt Action Blaster – First Injection Molded

  1. mattdcouch (verified owner)

    What an absolute beast! Fast shipping, great customer service, and the blaster performs like no other!

    All the kids in the neighborhood want one now. The Shellington Labs Neighborhood Battle Royale is coming…

  2. Jeremiah Speier (verified owner)

    I chose this blaster because of its reviews that I’ve seen online and I was not disappointed! I bought almost all of the attachments, longer barrel, aluminum ejector, high power spring, sling, and got some extra magazines, shells and darts. An amazing design and high quality parts make this a very nice choice. If you decide to take the Kirin apart for any reason (like changing the spring) make sure you take special care to not misplace or incorrectly reassemble it. Replacing the spring can be very difficult, especially with the high power one but that’s part of the fun! The customer service is also very kind and understanding so if you have any issues, they will gladly help. Overall, it’s a 9/10, only because I’m reserving the 10/10 for their future designs which will undoubtedly reach it!
    P.S. the MP5 page mentioned possible semiautomatic or automatic rifles, I’m hoping for an M4 looking one personally.

  3. david.lynam (verified owner)

    My kids like nerf and adventure force. They run around outside and pelt each other, but sometimes they get a little out of hand. When they spill the evening cocktail, out comes the Kirin. I was firing this thing at the couch when I first received it. My wife is totally square. Not interested in toys or guns or any of that fun stuff. She heard it thumping the couch and asked to try it out. She racked a shell and ejected another, pulled the trigger, and giggled. Then she finished off the clip. This things is both a joy and a terror. Thanks, Shellington Labs!

  4. Logan Larsen (verified owner)

    Definitely the best blaster in my collection so far! It hits like a paintball gun, its super accurate and is SO satisfying to use! It also got here in a week so that’s a perk. The plastic is really nice and it was easy to assemble.

  5. TY (verified owner)

    I purchased a Wrenfield when it was first available and jumped on the Kirin as soon as I heard it was injection molded.
    Both shoot incredibly, but the Kirin is so fine tuned that I constantly show it to friends and neighbors that go to shooting ranges with real firearms. The Kirin has an incredible emotional response and is accurate enough to be a legitimate alternative to the range, while being far cheaper, faster to reload shells, just as fun, and used at home.

  6. plink_enthusiast (verified owner)

    Got mine last week. My order was in stock at purchase but got moved to backorder. While communication on this front was sparse and needs work, the times Shellington did finally reply was cordial and friendly. On to the blaster. It’s all you expect and is awesome. I ordered with the 300 spring and some extra shells and a mag. It’s very accurate at 30ft even without add-ons. The bolt action itself feels very tactile and satisfying along with that sweet shell ejection. The blaster itself feels solid and has a nice weight. Being the owner of a Wingchester I got from a friend I was not surprised. The strength required for the 300 sping is very high and as noted should definitely be used sparingly for fear of blaster degradation but it’s powerful. Overall it’s a magnificent product Shellingtom should be proud to have made. I plan to buy the talon converter kit and an extended barrel simply because this has skyrocketed into being one of my favorite blasters in my collection.

  7. dakotatice1999

    I got my kirin in the mail about a month ago. Ordered the white with 300 spring and some extra shells and mags but HOLY SMOKES!! One of the most solid blasters I’ve handled! I don’t actively do battles or have the most space but it fires nothing but straight shots! Now that i have this i feel more inclined than ever to engage in the nerf scene (whatevers happening in Seattle anyways) I have nothing but positive things to say about the kirin. The way it feels is surreal, and it looks phenomenal 🤯 I came from the nexus pro to this and i havent felt more powerful in my life. I dont think ive put it down actually, or left it out of my sight. Im constantly loading or organizing and i have plans to paint it like my nexus. Not to get too personal but im on the spectrum and the mechanics, physics,and stimulation of operating the kirin are tickling by brain the same way working on my cars has. This thing makes me so happy. The few friends I’ve let shoot it have found it absurd at how much foam flingers have progressed since they were children. Btw I’ve gone through years of reviews to make an informed decision on what I wanted to spend 200 dollars on. Overall. . . 10/10

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