Spring Thunder – Shotgun Platform

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Any Color
Match Saver (+$3.00)
Match Saver Installation Option
Match Saver Color
Full 24" Upper Picatinny Rails (+$11.00)
Picatinny Rail Installation Option
Upper Picatinny Rail Color
Vector Stock (Black) (+$12.00)
Vector Stock (Orange) (+$12.00)
Carbon Fiber Tubes (Black) (+$20.00)
Pistol Pump Grip (Black) (+$10.00)
Other Add-ons
Match Saver (+$3.00)
Butt Stock (+$10.00)
Phat Pump (+$10.00)
Picatinny Rails (+$15.00)
Bandolier (+$25.00)
Carbon Fiber Kit (+$20.00)
Pistol Pump (+$10.00)
Red Dot Sight (RDS) (+$30.00)
Iron Sights (+$5.00)
Angled Iron Sights (+$6.00)
Red Dot Sight Pre-install/Just Parts?
Iron Pre-install/Just Parts?
Pistol Pump Pre-install/Just Parts?
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LEAD TIME: Blaster Will Ship 10-12 Weeks After Placing Order.


Please specify the type of shells you’d like to be included in your package. If not specified, then I will include a royal mix of primarily Buckshots and Slugs, and then mix in a little of the rest.


Please refer to these Frequently Asked Questions before messaging me: https://www.shellingtonblasters.com/frequently-asked-questions


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The Spring Thunder, a pump action springer blaster with real working ejecting shells. Inspired by its real steel counter parts the Remington 870 and the Mosseberg, this blaster replica operates like the real thing. Feed shells into the bottom tube magazine, then chamber, fire and eject spent casings with each firing. This blaster platform also allows the user to fire all sorts of projectiles, making it a masterkey for close and long range encounters. See shell variants below for more details.


* Note *

Purchase doesn’t not come with bandoleer or accessories shown above, purchase is only for base blaster and the included shells. The stock and rails must be purchased separately.


You can purchase additional shells here:

* Safety Disclaimer *
This blaster uses a high powered spring, I am not responsible for any damage you inflict onto yourself or others with my product. Never reach into the breech/ejection port, and always shake out trapped parts. Only reach into the breech if the primary power spring has been removed. I highly recommend you read through the operations and safety procedures here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pxDLre2yrnuVqgoLp06jrj9ySPL10m9WcZxwNV5AtkY/view

This product uses a 20lb spring and as such requires you to be able to pull 20lb every time you wish to fire. If you cannot pull this hard you will not be able to use the blaster. The recommended user age is 16+. As a 3d printed part, this product is vulnerable to high heats, be careful not to leave this toy in the car or in direct sunlight.

***  You must sign the online liability waiver before I can ship you the blaster ***

Online waiver: https://app.waiverforever.com/pending/6mO1WLV0UC1532242474

Primary Shell Variants:

Rival Buckshot: Fires 3 Rival Rounds in a medium predictable spread. Extremely high stopping power at close range, capable of decimating cups with its 80 fps exit velocity. However, being a shotgun blast, this round quickly looses effectiveness at range. At which point it acts better as a mortar than a projectile.

Dart Slugs: These allow single elites and half lengths to be used. The open cavity at the top allows large headed darts such as whistlers and velcro tips to be fired. This is the highest performing shell type with 100+ fps out of the box. This can be extended to 165 to 200fps sniper style performance with the sniper kit, available also at the shop.

MEGA Slugs: Basically giant versions of the dart slugs, except these fire a single shortened MEGA dart. It’s both hilarious and a little scary.

Boomco Flechettes: This is as close as I can get to the sledge fire’s shotgun shell, as 3 elite darts cannot be fitted in the shells. This fires 3 Boomco darts in a similar fashion to the Sledgefire, 3 in parallel. This offers the best stopping power at range, as Boomcos fly faster and farther than the Rival Buckshot while retaining power at range. Though faulty Boomco darts may cause wild spreads.

Double Elites: These fire 2 elite style darts side by side. Performance is weakest of the variants, but gives the opportunity to use regular darts in place of the Boomco to achieve a shotgun style blast with darts.

Kitchen Sinks: These unholy shells fire multiple types of darts within the same shell. Performance is secondary as these are used purely for the silliness in battle.

Rival Stephan: This is a strange combo of a stephan half length dart loaded behind a single Rival shot.

Boomco Nerf: Side-by-side boomco with a nerf dart





Assembly & Reference Guide:

Spring Thunder Assembly Guide Model 4

Sources for News and Updates:
Spring Thunder Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SpringThunder/?ref=br_rs
My Reddit Page for pics and stuff: https://www.reddit.com/user/GDop26/

Spring Thunder by Coop772: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFaQHbXZG6g
Lord Draconical: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYp-iRkI4Gk#t=3m58s

2 Minute gameplay by Heath Heil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xig2V-Uaq0&

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 8 × 8 in

White & Black, Orange & Black, Blue & Black, Red & Black, Green & Black, Blue & White, Blue & Orange, Kratos

7 reviews for Spring Thunder – Shotgun Platform

  1. Bionodroid (verified owner)

    -Best in class; more practical and versatile than the firefly, less cumbersome than the sobek. Overall the best nerf shotgun platform IMO.
    -Despite longer than expected lead time, they included extra shells and an extra muzzle and match saver to make up for it.
    -Powerful for one/two dart shooting
    -there is no greater joy than seeing your friend be assailed by six 50 cal foam balls at once

    -Default grip is awful. Not large enough and the geometry will hurt after just a couple shells.
    -Bad print quality. If you’ve ever purchased something from Silver Fox or OOD, do not expect this to be close. There’s beading on the outside of the blaster and stringing in the shells. The grip is sharp at the bottom.
    -Multi-dart shells are somewhat underpowered, especially considering prime strength. A wider plunger tube and spring would have worked wonders for this.

    If you like shotguns, buy this. The default grip should be forsaken and replaced with something usable. This would have been 4 stars given the overall experience, but is only 3 due to other sellers offering better print quality. Hopefully if this ever becomes an injection molded blaster, the prime weight is reduced (or justified) with an optimized plunger tube.

  2. Diego Martinez (verified owner)

    It’s a great blaster! But the lead time for when I bought said 10-12 weeks and it took me 6 months to get mine. I also got the incorrect amount of shells that I ordered but I don’t really mind that as much. At least the customer service was great!

  3. Tyler

    Blaster was slightly delayed because they ran out of materials, thats okay though, as their customer service was excellent, and they even offered to hold my order as I was on vacation during the delivery window. However I received the incorrect combination of shells, receiving mostly mega and buckshot, rather than the three she’ll types I requested. Additionally, some of the shells I received had an amount of stringing inside. All in all, great blaster, amazing customer service, but slightly poor quality of the shells.

  4. Dan

    Probably the most fun I’ve had with a dart blaster the multiple round types and even the action of loading and shooting it is incredibly fun to manipulate and use

  5. Raphael

    This is an amazing piece of engineering, and shoots great. Robust in the hand, accurate, and well constructed. GDop26 also is very responsive when there’s a problem (my son’s overly-aggressive friend snapped a shell latch off within the first day we had it, trying to force something that should not be forced), and stands behind the product. A replacement piece was received quickly and we’ve been good ever since!

  6. Stacy

    Absolutely one of the best pieces I purchase on here. Customer service was wonderful. I really appreciate everything I love my spring thunder. It’s working beautifully. I use it all the time. Looking forward to my fly point amongst other future purchases with you. Thanks again for everything bro.

  7. Eric

    Great design, powerful, well made and looks great! You will probably never use a regular Nerf gun again. I little tough to cock for my 12 year old, but was able to do it after 20 minutes. He absolutely loves it!

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