FTW Micro-flywheels (pair)


These are the smallest production wheels you can find on the market for Nerf blasters, but however only fit within a select few cages. These are the wheels currently used in the Shellington Flypoint pistol, but are also popular for builds like the Dessert Pigeon, Magpie, Cobalt Spitfire and the Viper revolver. These are solid wheels, and thus sit straight above the motors. Unlike hollow wheels like Daybreaks that fit around the motor, these will add 14.7mm above the motor.

Though the manufacturer suggests either Honey Badgers or Wolverines at 3S, these are the performances I get with the following motors and setups.

Fang Revamps 2S: 75 to 85fps
Honey Badger 2S: 90 to 105fps
Honey Badger 3S: 110 to 120fps

Diameter: 19.6mm
Height: 14.7mm


Each order comes with 2 flywheels, unless you order more. Then those’ll come in pairs. Unless you leave a note for some reason to buy them in odd number QTYs or if you want to mis-match the colors.

Leave me a note for something oddly specific, like if you want mismatched colored wheels for some reason.

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