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A red (and green) dot sight with multiple reticle shapes to add some tactical flare to your blaster. Helps you aim faster

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The common red dot sight is a compact and lightweight aiming device used for quick target acquisition and can be mounted onto any picatinny railing (all shellington blasters are capable of installing at least some picatinny). Featuring a red illuminated dot (as well a green lighting option) for easy visibility. And though it is a red “dot” sight, this model comes with 4 distinct reticle shapes. I particularly enjoy the simple cross hair for normal use. Though sometimes if I’m feeling the sci-fi vibes, I’ll switch to the circle and dot. This sight is ideal for both close and longer ranged shooting and can be zero-d for consistency using the supplied allen keys to adjust side-to-side and up-down alignment. Just be sure to remember to turn off your sight when not in use, or you’ll run your battery dry after just a couple days. I forget this all the time, which is why I pack plenty of extra batteries with me, which you can also specify in your order below.


It’s a very popular upgrade for Nerf enthusiasts looking to improve their gameplay experience, though really it’s mostly cause it’s really cool. The sights in fps games like Call of Duty and Battlefield really don’t do it justice just how cool sights are in real life. It’s certainly something to try out if you haven’t experienced it before. Suddenly the ergo boost stat in fps games makes more sense, it really does help improve the time of target acquisition, sometimes called ADS in video games.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in


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