Spring Thunder Sniper Barrel


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Get a performance boost in fps and accuracy by adding this functional 12″ long barrel to your Spring Thunder. This simple attachment increases the muzzle velocity by more than 50% (testing and improvements still underway) giving you longer range and shorter times to target. The barrel can also be easily swapped out on the field using the quick pin takedown and can be performed in under 6 seconds with practice, allowing you to be more effective at both close and long range.

Watch Instagram Demo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwLFMamB_lJ/

Attached is the current spreadsheet of the stock performance of the blaster vs the same blaster with the barrel attachment. Note, you can only fire elite darts while the internal barrel attachment is active.

In addition to the speed boost, there is also a noticeable silencing effect in reducing the sound produced by the blaster by about 5 dB from 83 dB to 8 dB. The longer barrel also helps to stabilize the dart upon exiting the muzzle.

Overall this gives you a quieter and more accurate longer ranged blaster.

*** Lengths ***
The base length of 12″ gives a significant power boost while also maintaining the low profile look and adds only 1″ of length to the blaster.

The longer and perhaps more aesthetically pleasing barrel length of 18″ provides a longer barrel platform for attaching new types of muzzles. This still provides a significant fps boost to the stock blaster, but does not different much from the base barrel length in performance. If you opt for this length, I suggest you also look into getting muzzle tips to cover the pointy end of the barrel for both safety reasons and the coolness.

*** Safety Note ***
Please use eye protection and be extra careful when using this attachment, it can be a bit disorientating to find your mild mannered blaster suddenly punching through boxes. Especially when it can be installed in less than 6 seconds.

Also also, if you are getting this tip in any color besides orange, do be careful when using outdoors as you’ll be loosing your orange tip.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs

Orange, Black

Barrel Length

12 Inches, 18 Inches


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