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First automatic blaster from Shellington Blasters. Main features include fully automatic fire, modular cages, shell ejection, high capacity high performance blaster. And the entire project is basically a big excuse to build in the functioning famous HK-slap present in all MP5s.

I hope this platform will serve as the all-inclusive automatic blaster, and body kits will be added to transform the look between AK-pistols, battle rifles, and everything in between. For now, the base model will be a small sub machine gun pistol.
(Image courtesy of Adam from OFD)


Specs include:

– 7 darts/sec on 2S
– Modular cage with fps currently ranging from 90fps to 180fps on 2S, with 140fps (stock)
– Base blaster dimensions: 12.5″ x  2.35″ x 8.5″ (L x W x H)
– XT60 connectors
– 15-25 round Double stacked magazines
– Rear and Forward charging handles
– Forward HK-Slap Feature
– Shell Ejection (duh)
– Worker gen3 Half Dart compatible
– Quick pin takedown for repairs and cleaning


What does beta mean?

Beta here typically means the blaster is not 100% ready for official release. In this case, we’re primarily working on improving the ease of building these in our shop while also improving build quality and quality of life things. However, the blaster in its current state is already firing quite well, or as well as you see in the videos typically. There’s good cycling, shot grouping and accuracy, and the feeding and ejection systems are working quite well.

The primary concerns to take into account when ordering while still in beta now is the extended wait times.

Does this have a semi-auto mode?

Unfortunately there is no fire control group present here. Part of the reason is we wanted it to be relatively more affordable instead of investing into a base model with fire control. But honestly, the blaster works well enough in a type of short burst mode anyways. But a fire control group is something we’re looking into adding to the shop in the future.

Can I put a 3S battery in here?

Currently the blaster has cycling issues at 3S, so we do not recommend using one. What this means is that the blaster could fall into runaway and just keep firing forever due to the fire controller not being capable of handling the higher voltage of the 3S battery. This is also something we’re working on, as 3S would improve both the rate of fire and the muzzle velocity of the blaster.

Can you make a drum magazine?

Drum magazines are out of my scope at this time, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. The blaster does already work quite well with its 21 round double stacked magazine, so maybe having a 50 round drum magazine would be viable.




Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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